Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

1. Accordion-style Post-It notes.

Um, what exactly is the point of these? Are they supposed to be more efficient or something? Why would you want the stickum on the bottom of the note? How is it more efficient if you have to flip it around so the stickum is at the top? I don't get them. Maybe I'm overthinking - I tend to do that.

2. Noises from the apartments adjacent to ours.

The other day, I'm in the bathroom, and I start hearing this scrabbling noise. I start freaking out because it kinda sounds like little bug legs scurrying across the floor, and I'm thinking any second now a giant cockroach is going to appear and attack me. (No matter where they come from? They go straight for me. They have a vendetta.) Then? I realize the sound is coming from the apartment behind ours. Someone is digging around in their cabinets, and I can hear it through the walls.

Then I have to think about the fact that if I can hear them, they can hear me. Then I have to wonder what exactly they're hearing. Screaming matches between me and a two-year-old? Highly probable.

3. My Pizza-Face issues.

I'm sorry to keep whining about this, but the fact that I have acne like a sixteen-year-old is really bothering me, especially since when I was sixteen? My skin was awesome. Only since I started procreating has my face decided it should look like it's hosting a pepperoni family reunion. No wonder people constantly mistake me for a teenager.

There's other stuff, but if I mention it now? I'll be whining. And whining is very annoying.

On the plus side, though? Kris over at Pretty All True has given me the "Best Words Strung Together in a Comment" award for my contribution to her "Donkey Balls" post, in which I said that some people go on about IKEA as if it has beer-flavored nipples. Yay!

Don't be too jealous, y'all - you'll win something awesome one day, too. And if you go check out Pretty All True? Please come back. Because I would miss you.


  1. I hate the idea of IKEA. As if furniture shopping wasn't gay enough, the last place I want to be seen is a discount furniture store. Plus, I can't even imagine the Hell of putting all of the cheap crap together. No thanks.

    I wish you would quit worrying about your acne. If that is the side effect of bringing our beautiful babies into the world...then it is worth it. I love you so much.

  2. @Michael - So you're not going to shop for new couches with me next January when we get our taxes? You know that's not the kind of decision I can make by myself!

    Love YOU so much, too.