Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missing Miss Babysitter

Y'all? I am so screwed.

Last week, we arrived at Miss Babysitter's house at the usual time. But there were no cars in the driveway. Uh-oh. I unloaded the girls and their stuff, all the while keeping an eye on the front door, hoping that Miss Babysitter will magically appear there to usher us inside. She does not.

We ring the doorbell. No answer. I call her cell. No answer, so I leave a message explaining that we are "here" and she is not.

We sit on the porch, and I feed Sosie a bottle while we wait.

I realize it is unlikely that Miss Babysitter will show up, at least not in time for me to get to work. I must call backup. I arrange for Scarlett's previous babysitter to take the girls, just this one time. It will only be for four hours. Sosie will likely spend the entire time sleeping.

Scarlett's previous sitter? Wonderful lady, but as an older, retired person, she felt that she could not handle Scarlett and a newborn. I understood, and we found Miss Babysitter, who lived much closer to us. But I digress.

I don't hear from Miss Babysitter, so I call Michael. I ask if he will be able to stay home long enough the following day to allow me to go to work. I have a computer skills test scheduled with one of the higher-ups, and it would not do for me to miss work. He agrees.

I discover an email from Miss Babysitter explaining that a family emergency called her out of town. She is very sorry she cannot watch the girls this week, and she will let me know if she is coming back. If? I had no idea a two-letter word could carry so much... ominousness.

Today? A voicemail message informs me that, sorry, but Miss Babysitter is moving several states away to be with her family. She would like the pay that she is owed, thankyouverymuch.

And I? Am screwed. Thank you very much.

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