Someday, when I am all famous? People will bombard me with questions. Here I am, all anticipating my readers' needs. You're welcome.

Why did you name your blog Momlarky?
Because Momfoolery was already taken. I can't get sued, y'all. I'm broke.

But couldn't you have like, spelled it right? Shouldn't it have an E?
Actually, it is spelled right. Both "malarkey" and "malarky" are accepted spellings listed in the dictionary. And I decided for some reason that it looked better without the "e."

Who's that talking in the brackets?
When you see things like this? [Muahahahahaha!] That is the Universe mocking me. If I included all of the mocking the Universe throws at me? This blog would be nothing but brackets, y'all.

Why do you sigh so much? Aren't you afraid you'll smother the whole Earth in hot carbon dioxide and everyone will die?
Is this you, Michael? Sigh.

You said you have two kids, but you only seem to yap about one of them.
The older one does a lot more yap- er, talking. While the younger one is soooo friggin' cute right now? Blogging about her sleeping and eating all day would not be very entertaining. Check back in a few months.

Can I email you?
Sure. Email me at Momlarky@yahoo.com

Where do you get your ideas?
From real life, y'all. Real life.

I'm sure I'll think of more. Or maybe I'll start getting real questions and I'll replace some of these fake ones. You never know.