Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Vol. Four

My professor showed this in class during my last semester of college. It has to be my favorite documentary ever. The lesson? Friends don't let spiders do drugs.

I have now had four people ask me when my baby is due. Uhh... three months ago, jerk. I figure I have about three more months of getting away with the "I just had her" excuse, and then I'd better be skinny again. Ab flab? You're on notice.

For Scarlett's birthday pool party? I had to put on some sunscreen. My skin is all Irishy. If you believe my husband, it's "alabaster" and gorgeois. If you believe other people? It's practically translucent. Phlebotomists never have trouble finding my veins. But I digress. I needed sunscreen, and we only had old stuff. So I bought some "Sport" kind, because I thought, Hey. I'll be sweaty. Big mistake. Not only did my face kinda sting the whole day? But now my neck has these dry, itchy, burny red patches on it. Ouch. They look like hickeys, but getting them was way less fun than getting a hickey. Sigh.

I've been seeing these commercials on TLC for a new series called DC Cupcakes that's supposed to be premiering soon. On the commercial it says these two sisters quit their jobs and opened up a cupcake bakery and now people stand in line for over an hour to buy their cupcakes. I turned to Michael and I said, "Let's both quit our jobs and open up a cupcake shop." He didn't respond. Clearly he must be thinking it over, though, because it is an awesome idea and who wouldn't consider it? Right?


  1. I want to watch that show!

    And I would totally consider it! ;o)

  2. After watching that fine documentary a few years ago, I quit my full time job and began selling crack and smack exclusively to spiders. It has worked out very well as you might imagine.

  3. @Sonja - Don't consider it, DO it! Your cupcakes are way better than theirs look. Maybe when the kids are a bit older, hey? Then you can put them to work in your shop! Haha! Thanks Sonj!

    @zodiblog - Bwahahaha! Has any of them ever tried to bus' a cap in yo ass? Thanks Scott!

  4. AWESOME, I remember and love that video! :) I now show it to everyone I can.

  5. @Amanda - YAAY for our college educations! :)