Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Vol. Three

This week coming up is an exciting week for us! Scarlett will be turning three! Yay, Scarlett! Plus also? The story of how Michael and I named Scarlett and Sosie will be featured on baby name blog Appellation Mountain on Saturday, June 26th. (Never fear, I shall remind you when it goes up and post a link.)

I am so damn jealous of Allie Brosh. So jealous! I think I need to rename my blog "The Allie Brosh Fan Club." Like she needs my help.

Michael wanted me to hear a new single from Eminem's upcoming album. I was all, "Meh." And he was all, "It's like he sings my life!" And I was like, "You know who sings my life? Taylor Swift." She's my other creativity crush. She is such a talented songwriter. As my bestie so nicely put it, "Every woman has felt, at some point in their lives, the way she sings about feeling." Preachin' to the choir, bestie.

I checked out two Nancy Drew books from the library the other day. Nancy Drew is the business, y'all. I got excited because they had a "The Nancy Drew Files" mystery on the shelf, and those are the very first Nancy Drew mysteries I read, courtesy of my older sister. I have major book nostalgia. Happy sighs.

Oh, and apparently it's Father's Day! Happy Father's Day, Michael! (And assorted other fathers.)

Michael, I will always love you for giving me our two perfect, beautiful girls. You are awesome at pretending your feet have been magicked, and at making up silly songs ("Oh, yeah!"), and at tickling. Plus also? You think of things that I never would have thought of. Like using Craiglist to find what turned out to be the best. Babysitter. Ever! Yay!

Sorry I can't get you a present. Perhaps you would like a brownie? **snorts**


  1. I don't need presents to appreciate being a dad to my kids. I have the best family in the whole world.

  2. @Michael - Agreed. Best. Family. Ever! We kick other families' asses!