Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Comment

Once again, y'all? I am sooo jealous of people. Certain people. I'm sure you know at least one of them - her name starts with Allie. And ends with Brosh. But this time I'm not whining about how much funnier she is than me. This time, I am whining about something else.

When you start a blog, and you come up with a clever name, and you start planning out your super-cool post ideas, it is hard not to imagine that before long, you will be famous. You will get millions of blog hits. People will follow you. You will be offered book deals, just based on your hilariosity. You will "win the Internet."

But y'all? I have been here for like, a few months? And the Internet has not been won.

What really makes me sad, though, about these people of which I am jealous? Like Allie-fucking-Brosh? And Kris at Pretty All True? And Scott at Zodi's Blog? And juggernauts like Cake Wrecks and Bakerella? They get comments. Lots and lots of comments.

I love comments. I answer every single one. And I try to make the answers entertaining, so that if people do actually check back to see my replies? They will be all amused.

So, why do 99% of my lovely, precious readers not comment? Is my comment form annoying? Do my posts not compel you to share your own stories? I love stories. Love them. Read them all the time.

One day? When I have finally become famous? I will have so many comments that I will not be able to personally answer them. And then you will so wish you had gotten in on the ground floor. Snort.


  1. There you go Megan. But I have now effectively fucked up the irony thing you had going….

    Honestly the biggest thing to remember is that it takes time. And unfortunately the only way to build a solid base is by leaving comments on other blogs. Lots and lots of other blogs. But especially the same blogs over and over. Everyday. That’s how we all started. It’s what will give you 10 or 20 everyday commenters that will then grow without so much feeding.

  2. @zodiblog - OBVIOUSLY this post was not directed at you Scott! Or my husband. Michael! I will definitely keep paying my dues. Sometimes? I just feel like whining. Thanks Scott!

  3. Well obviously you aren't that interesting! PMSL!

  4. @Bindy - Obviously you are a byotch. Love you. ;)