Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Vol. One

I am thinking that Sundays might be an excellent day to start "kitchen sink" posts, in which I just kinda throw everything in there.

For those of you who saw my post about my sister, and my sister's initial (and subsequent) response, here is an update: we talked. And I talked with her grandmother, who saw my blog and emailed me. And even though it was emotionally draining? I feel much better. And while, sadly, my self-imposed Coke ban did not stand up to all that emotional drainage, I hope it will be the start of much more closeness with my sister.

If you are not my Facebook friend? You missed my awesome status update yesterday. It said: "So I was just squeezing honey into my mouth straight from the squeeze bottle? (Yes, I'm a child, meh.) And an air pocket in the bottle? Made the honey sploosh all over my face. You know how Marge Simpson laughs? That's how I laughed." It was very amusing. But my face was sticky.

I was thinking about the word "fugly" and how awesome it is. It's economical and yet, highly descriptive. So I started wondering, what new words could I make from combining 'fuck' and an adjective? Fuppity? It made me see the word "fusty" with fresh eyes (fucking musty? Is pretty much the definition of "fusty." Really. Go ask Merriam-Webster.) Sadly, I didn't come up with much more. My swearing is not all that imaginative. Sigh.

I learned that this orchid attracts bees by looking like a bee. Yowza. I hate bees.

For those of you who saw yesterday's post, here's an update: I saw Miss Babysitter today after work, to give her the money she is owed before she leaves. She was very apologetic. She told me how much she loved watching "the girls" and how when she came back (when? I was not aware a four-letter word could carry so much surprise and promise) she would love to see them. Hunh. I guess the move is not as permanent as it first appeared. But I still have to find a replacement. Sigh.

While I don't really have a favorite children's author, I do have a favorite illustrator! Whenever I am drawn to the illustrations in a book because they are just so-darn-sweet? I find that they are by Caroline Jayne Church. One of the books she has illustrated, called I Love You Through and Through, is Scarlett's bedtime favorite.

To borrow a bit of hyperbole from Allie Brosh, I would shank an infant for a snack right now. I have to go. But next Sunday? There will be more "Kitchen Sink."


  1. You’ll have to ‘friend’ me on Facebook. I don’t want to miss all of those amazing updates. I’m the Scott Oglesby (Spain) standing next to the monkey.

    This post was hilarious, I love kitchen sink or oleo posts!

  2. @zodiblog - Thanks Scott! I will friend you, but unfortunately? Most of my status updates are not half that amusing.