Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plot Psychic, Drip Pans, and Dirty Diapers

I hope I'm not the only one who watched last night's finale of Glee through a haze of tears. I'm not sure what made me more verklempt - the thought of Tuesdays without Sue Sylvester's snark, or my own high school choir days nostalgia. In either case, I still managed to be scandalized that New Directions got robbed lost to Vocal Adrenaline despite the fact that Michael plot psychiced it months ago.

Michael has proclaimed himself the Plot Psychic because he watches so much TV (and movies) that he can pretty much predict the ending of anything that we happen to be watching. My talent lies in guessing the criminal in whatever mystery/crime drama is on by paying attention to the guest stars' names during the opening credits and deciding which one is the most famous. Famous people generally don't do "red herring." They do "murderer." Between the two of us, it can be a race to guess what is going to happen. Once, we spent the entire commercial break of American Idol arguing over which Bryan Adams song was going to be sung in the next segment. He said it was going to be the Robin Hood song. I said it was going to be The Three Musketeers song. That time? We were both wrong. But that rarely happens.

In other news? The drip pans on our ancient stove are driving me craaaaa-zy! They are dirty. And filthy. And nasty. Did I mention filthy? I live in constant fear that the burners are going to ignite some leftover gunk and start a massive electrical fire. Ack! They are beyond help. They must be replaced. Why don't I replace them, you say? Oh, gee, it might be because my stove is old and no one seems to sell the kind of drip pans that it requires. I'm kind of hoping it will break, and they will have to give me a new stove that has normal easily-replaced drip pans.

In other other news? We have found our New Miss Babysitter! Yessssssss! And? Scarlett loves going there. She liked Old Miss Babysitter, but she is way more excited about New Miss Babysitter. When I picked them up today, she did not want to leave. And I know Sosie likes it there, too, because... she pooped!

In the babysitting arena? Life is good.


  1. Always good to hear the girls like thwir new babysitter! I miss Glee every week here because it's on Thursday nights, and I work every Thursday night... so I've decided to buy the DVD set when I have some cash so I can watch it again and again! :-D

  2. Whoops, I guess I spoiled it for you Mel! Haha! Definitely get the DVDs... Gleek out!