Friday, May 28, 2010

The Awesome Pledge: Epic Fail

Remember the Awesome Pledge? Yeah, it didn't work out.

I thought it was going well until this morning... duhn-duhn-DUHNNNN. I wake Scarlett up so we could get ready to go to Miss Babysitter's, and she had peed in her bed. Nooooooo. And after I removed the strategically-placed towel from under her sheet because I was convinced she had the Nighttime Bladder of Steel!

Sigh. No time to get worked up over it. Pop the sheets in the washer, blah blah blah, leave for the day.

Fast-forward to this evening. Scarlett and Sosie are watching Max & Ruby. I am in the bedroom, folding the laundry, when I hear Scarlett start yelling something. I come into the hallway and see that she is standing in front of the couch, peeing on the floor. She is frozen in mid-pee. She cannot run to the bathroom, although that is probably for the best, or there would be a trail of pee for me to clean up instead of one spot. Sigh.

Get a towel, grumble grumble. Clean up the pee, grumble grumble. Give Scarlett a bath, grumble grumble. How could the Awesome Pledge have gone wrong? I was so sure that it would work - it was all positivity and self-esteem-affirmingness! Isn't that what parents are supposed to do these days?

On another note, I have noticed a way that Sosie declares her love for me. What is it, you ask? How does a two-month-old show you she loves you? She only poops when she's home with me.

That's right! Her little gummy smiles are great, but she gives them to everybody. Her dirty diapers? She saves those for me. **swells with pride**

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