Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Fights

Scarlett has always been a "good" eater. As a baby, she never turned her nose up at anything. She loved fruits. She loved vegetables. She loved cereal. She loved everything.

Now? She loves snacks.

She still likes vegetables. And fruits. She calls fruit cups "candy." But making her a meal can be pretty hit-or-miss. She will happily graze on crackers, cookies, and Dora snacks, but if I ask her to sit down for some alphabet soup or raviolis, it turns into a food fight.

Last night I made soft tacos for dinner. Scarlett was not eating it.

Me: "You need to take bites, honey."

Me: "Eat your dinner, or you won't get any snacks."

Scarlett: "Snacks!"

Me: "Then eat."

**Ten minutes later, still not eating**

Me: "Show me the train, Scarlett." This is a trick Michael came up with, and it usually works. Scarlett will pick up a bite of food and pretend that the food is a train, and her mouth is the tunnel. And she will eat. That one bite. But this time, she will not do it.

**Five minutes later, STILL not eating**

Me, fed up: "Scarlett, if you don't start eating your food, I will take your milk away!"

Scarlett, glancing at her plate: "Can you take my food away?"



  1. Guess what? It is time to do away with snacks!

    Just make the snack-foods part of the meals.

    If she is not eating her meals cooperatively? She is too old for the snacks in between meals.

    You already know that, I am guessing.

    My younger daughter would gladly trade her meals for snacks. Every single meal.

  2. Why wouldn't she? Meals are boring. Snacks are awesome! I lived on snacks as a kid. You're right though - I need to do a better job of limiting snacks. Maybe some snack garbaging, haha.