Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's In A Name?

Today, I am being featured on the baby name blog Appellation Mountain with the story of how we named Scarlett and Sosie. A big thank you to Abby Sandel for showcasing us!

And now some funny things Scarlett has said lately:

The morning of Scarlett's birthday. We are looking for the comb.

Me: "Scarlett, what did you do with the comb? Did you take it with you into the living room?"

Scarlett: "I don't know."

**Looking, looking, looking. I find the comb under the blanket on my bed.**

Me: "Nevermind, I found it."

Scarlett, watching me comb my hair: "Mommy, I want the comb. I want to take the comb with me."

Me: "No, honey, I'm using it right now."

Scarlett, making an angry face: "But I want to take it with me!"

Me: Sigh. "No, Scarlett, I only asked if you 'took it with you' when you went into the living room. You can't take the comb anywhere. It stays in the bathroom."

Scarlett: "But I want it!"

Me: "No. It is staying in the bathroom!"

Scarlett, throwing up her hands: "Aargh! I give up!" She stomps away.

This morning, Scarlett is eating her cereal. I am on the computer. WonderPets is on.

Scarlett: "Mommy, can I say 'boat'?"

Me: Huh? "Uh, yeah, you can say boat."

Scarlett: "But I can't say 'shit.'"

Me: WTF? "No, honey, you can't say 'shit.'" The penny drops. "You can say ship. Ship, you can say." I over-emphasize the "puh" of the P.

Scarlett: "Okay, Mommy."

I'm sure there will be more. Give her time.


  1. Reading about Scarlett never fails to entertain and amuse me!

  2. @Anon - We should get her her own show. We'd make millions.