Monday, July 26, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Scarlett

In the car, after picking up the girls from my sister's house.

Me, noting that Scarlett is still wearing the Little House on the Prairie-inspired dress that she begged me to wear this morning but that my sister declared was ugly: "Did Manda try to make you change your dress?"

Scarlett: "Change my dress?"

Me: "Yeah. Did she ask you to put on a different outfit?"

Scarlett: "No. I wouldn't want to change myself."

At home, Scarlett comes strolling into the living room with her little art desk stool, which I have previously confiscated because she won't stop standing on it to get to things that should be out of her reach.

Me: "Where did you get that?"

Scarlett freezes in that wide-eyed look that suggests she knows she is about to get in trouble and perhaps should have engaged in sneakier methods. "Um, I got it." Classic evasion.

Me: "Who told you you could get that? Did you ask Mommy if you could have it?"

Scarlett: "Um, I'm asking now?"

At home, Scarlett is mad because she has been told it's time to get ready for bed. She is all mean eyebrows and frowny. Michael is being silly with her, trying to get her in a better mood about getting ready for bed.

Michael: "Let's see your happy face! Happy face, Scarlett!"

Scarlett: "No!"

Michael: "Why are you so mad? Why are you making a mad face?"

Scarlett: Sigh. "Because I'm frustrated!"

Michael and Me: **snorting and giggling**

Scarlett gets up and stomps down the hallway toward the bathroom. "You guys are making me so frustrated!"

Michael and Me: **Snort. Giggle!**