Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Vol. Five

After last week's Kitchen Sink? I told myself that I was going to start the next post and just keep adding to it as the week went on, whenever I thought of something funny, so that it wouldn't turn out all lame. Yeah. That didn't happen.

Things I Should Have Named My Blog But Wasn't Smart Enough to Come Up With:

1. Fuck yeah, motherhood!

2. Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?

3. MuffintopLess (Except that that would be a lie.)

StumbleUpon showed me Sketch Swap, where you draw a picture on the screen (just like MS Paint), and then you get a new picture drawn by someone else. My picture? Way lame. The picture I got? Awesome! (Sorry, Internet stranger. I draw like an elephant on crack... not very well.)

These new Geico commercials, where they compare the likelihood that their company can save you money to some other well-known certainty, are getting really clever. This one featuring Abraham Lincoln? So funny.

 I wish I had more, but as I said, I procrastinated yet again, and now I'm trying to hurry out the door to enjoy some Fourth of July fun with my friends. I'll miss y'all so much - but I hope you're having fun, too!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


  1. Fuck Yea, Motherhood! would have been the coolest blog name in the history of cool blog names that include the word Fuck and the word Mother and did not do the obvious by combining the two.

    Elephants can’t even hold a pencil (we’ll just neatly ignore how they would manage to smoke crack) so they probably suck at drawing. I’m not as bad as you. I only draw as bad a retarded kid on a morphine drip.

  2. @zodiblog - I didn't have a lot of time to think of an awesome metaphor, can you tell? Also I was trying to avoid using the word retarded. You mean they can't hold a pencil with their trunks? I could swear I've seen that before. Maybe it was a cartoon. I often confuse cartoons with reality. Thanks Scott!

  3. No, that was an awesome metaphor. ANd I use retarded as much as possible. Maybe because I'm retarded.

  4. @zodiblog - Damn, missed this one! Thanks! I was thinking I used retarded way too much and decided to see what else I could come up with. Kind of like when a rapper has to do a radio edit. Haha! Thanks Scott!

  5. I think you are the one that uses "retarted" too much...well at least when you talk on msn its the second most common word you write ;-)

  6. @Bindy - Yes. Except y'all can't hear that I am pronouncing it "ruh-TARD" like the musical term. So actually, I am talking about music all the time. Sort of.