Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Vol. Six

Right now? I am having lemonade and chocolate birthday cake. Mmm. The cake says, "Happy Birthday Boss!" Obviously, the cake is not for me. But it is the perfect cake for the hubs, whose childhood ambition was to be "the boss." Not a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian... just "the boss."

I spent the weekend with my mom and baby sister, who had driven all the way from Ohio to see my girls. I really wish we lived closer to my parents, but I so do not want to live in a state where they actually have winter. Here? It can snow one day, and be back up to seventy degrees three days later. Now that's what I call weather!

My new mix CD includes a couple of songs that made me feel uber-young again, and scarily, I remembered nearly every word of them. What else is stored in the nether regions of my brain? Heh. Nether regions. Heh, heh. I have read a funny mystery series set in England, and in these books? Whenever the main character goes into the back of her house to look for something, leaving another person in the front room? She is described as going into "the nether regions" of the house. It always makes me giggle and highly anticipate seeing just what she is going to come out of those nether regions with. A flashlight? A rain slicker? Matches?

On a similar note, my husband is cheering on the Netherlands in the World Cup. Why? Not because he really cares about soccer. But because it's the nether lands. This sort of thing really affirms my belief that I married my best friend. I am way lucky! Happy Birthday again, babe!

Now here are those two songs I was rocking out to on my way home. Please don't judge me. I was young. Ish.

Unfortunately (???) I couldn't post the "official video" because I couldn't find one with the "embed" code enabled. Sigh. (It's "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, in case you don't know.)

"No Scrubs" by TLC. This song? Way fun to blast with your windows down when you are out cruising for guys. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.